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06/07/13 08:30 PM #1    

Annie Green

Welcome to the T C Williams High School Class Of 1974 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/18/14 06:05 PM #2    

Patricia Ann Tyler

I had a wonderful - no absolutely wonderful time at the reunion!  I was so looking forward to this event.  I am happy that God allowed me to attend even though I felt lousy.  I want to thank each and everyone who had a hand in making this reunion "The Best Ever", and for those who attended.  We are a good looking bunch of "old folks"!  angel  I can hardly wait to see you all again.

                              Contact me at:

May the grace of God go before and follow you whereever you go.

Agape Love, Peace and Blessings,

Patricia (Pat)

08/21/14 08:28 AM #3    


Kathryn Bradford Tyler (Prigmore)

I had a blast at the Reunion.  Many THANKS to all of the organizers.

08/23/14 10:09 PM #4    

Greg Mulligan

I second my thanks to the organizers... I was only able to come on Friday evening, but it was wonderful to catch up with my old Titan friends.

08/24/14 02:03 PM #5    


Stephanie Laverne McNeil (Calhoun)

The reunion dinner was a blast. The organizers did a bang up job; really liked the silent auction.
Kathy I promise golf this year.

09/04/14 11:04 PM #6    

Joyce Hoffman

Hi Everyone,

Here is a link to the pictures my daughter Song Mei took at the reunion.


Joyce Hoffman

09/05/14 07:25 AM #7    

Gail Hirte (Zehner)

Joyce -- thanks so much!

09/05/14 07:11 PM #8    

Millisa Lucas (Gary)

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.  Everyone looked simply beautiful!!!  I regret that I could not be there, but hopefully next time.

09/06/14 02:43 PM #9    


Stephanie Laverne McNeil (Calhoun)

Joyce thank you very much for sharing your photos with all of us. I truly appreciate it; I always bring a camera and forget to use it.

09/07/14 02:27 PM #10    

Brooks Billingsly (Berger)


Thank you for the great pictures your daughter took. She did a great job.

Great to see you and meet her. Lots of years, memories, and friendships captured on film. Thank her for me.

Fondly, Brooks

09/08/14 11:03 AM #11    

Barbara Lynn Downey (Fleming)

Joyce - thanks for posting the pictures.   They're great!!  Thanks also to your daughter for taking them.   Barb Fleming (Downey)

09/08/14 11:10 AM #12    

Delora Elliott (Dilliard)

Thank you all for the best time 

09/09/14 11:26 PM #13    


Natalie June Beagle (Watts)

Thanks to everyone who coordinated these events. This is the first one I've ever attended and it was so much fun. It was great to see old friends!!


A few comments if I could:


I wish the events weren't so expensive. For me, $130.00 for two people was alot plus traveling expenses. I wasn't able to make the 1st event because of our travel schedule and the cost was also prohibitive, so even it we made it in time, we probably wouldn't have come.


It would have been nice if the tables were further apart. Because of my MS, I'm in a scooter now. I wasnt able to get to the other side of the room to see other friends, cause I just couldn't get over there!! Ten years from now, more of us might be in wheelchairs, etc, you might want to keep that in mind!


Just one more thing, I wish the music had been turned down at least during dinner and dessert, you couldn't talk or hear what people were saying without shouting. Turn it up when the dancing starts, of course!!


Just wanted to say thanks again to all the organizers, picture takers and attendees! We're a great looking group. Hoping I can make the next one♥


Much love and God's blessings on all of you, till we meet again....Nicki 

















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